April 07, 2020

I only scan the letters because some reflect viewpoints that are too naive or cockeyed to permit a sanguine outlook for our future. An exception is “Rich or poor” on Dec. 31 — not a bad way to end the year. Jim Dixon’s dissertation on taxes and particularly the graduated tax should be read and understood by anyone interested in the future economic health of our country. It’s a shame there is so much class envy, encouraged by some of our top-level leaders as a means of staying in power by spreading hate of and discontent with those who achieve wealth and success.

The pejorative “fair share” is a mean-spirited way to get even with those who make a lot of money — notwithstanding that they may have sacrificed and worked harder and smarter than others to get there. If some on the low end are exempted and the rest pay the same percentage of earnings, the wealthy will obviously pay a lot more than those down the ladder. Isn’t that fair enough?

Why place a graduated punishment on high earners and discourage them to earn and pay more? Who is qualified to determine a fair share? Only Congress, which has helped run us into a $5.5 trillion debt? Any business with a proportional debt would have been belly-up long ago. It amounts to a $30,000-plus burden on every citizen (kids included). And these folks continue to impose graduated taxes as fair and spend more than that? Orin Lowe Holden

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