April 05, 2020

The new bottom line

Before the “bottom line is all that counts” philosophy became the battle cry of corporate America, inspired by short-sighted, second rate executives, we had real jobs.

Before these second raters decided that we could make higher profits by producing our goods in foreign countries with cheaper labor … we had real jobs.

Before these short-sighted, second-raters led us away from our standing as a self sufficient and independent industrial leader; to one which today is highly dependent upon the state of the “global economy” … we had real jobs.

Before these second rate quick buck artists were allowed to give it all away, we had a solid domestic industrial base which was the foundation of our economy, and … we had real jobs.

We have to put America first and “global” considerations second. To begin the process, we need to back up, re-group and start again. The quick and easy fix preferred by the second-raters won’t cut it. This will require a long-term commitment and sacrifice by all Americans. We’ve been there before and can do it again.

The greatest weapon we have against our second-rate, political and corporate leaders is our hard-earned money. What we can’t change at the voting booth, or in the board room, we can change at our neighborhood store. The new “bottom line” is to once again be able to say, “We have real jobs!” Arthur J. Baker Ellsworth

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