April 08, 2020

I have read with some interest and a little sadness the letters concerning the racial state of affairs in “The Phantom” comic strip. Obviously, these people have never read the strip for any length of time. If they had, they would know about the Pygmy Poison People, a tribe of fierce, independent, and, above all, black warriors, or about the president of Bangalla, who is also a black man.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe “The Phantom” should be taken out. If you do, however, you should also consider removing the following (note sarcastic tone): “B.C.,” “Sally Forth,” “Dilbert,” “For Better Or Worse,” and “Peanuts” (with the exception of Franklin) are blatantly non-multi-racial.

The characters in “Sally Forth” are constantly making sarcastic comments at the others’ expense. If that isn’t a dysfunction, then I don’t know what is.

B.C., Garfield and Beetle Bailey are always making overweight jokes.

Hi & Lois and Hagar use gender stereotypes.

Beetle Bailey, Blondie, Andy Capp, Hagar and Garfield revel in the “sins” of sloth and gluttony.

Beetle Bailey, Andy Capp and Hagar revel in alcoholism.

B.C. and Wizard of Id make sexist jokes.

Snuffy Smith is an excellent example of stereotyping.

Shoe smokes!

Mark Trail hunts!

“Family Circle” engages in cloying sentimentality and sugary-sweet, pass-the-insulin wholesomeness.

“Close To Home” is just plain wierd.

So maybe our lives would be better withot a comics page. Or maybe, to make things easier for those of us who are not timid and easily offended by a comic strip, the rest of you should just get a life. Adrian Flagg Orono

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