August 04, 2020

I find it depressing, ugly and maddening to hear the news media repeat the garbage being told by the National Marine Fisheries Service and Department of Marine Resources biologist Jay Krouse concerning the lobster fishing industry being on the verge of collapse.

Professor Bob Steneck, a University of Maine scientist, has taken the time to verify the situation by diving to the ocean floor and by going aboard fishing boats. The land-bound “experts” foolishly doubt his word when he states the fishery is healthy.

Steneck is trying very hard and I commend him for his work. I know fishermen have taken him and other scientists to haul with them for an on-the-spot view, yet these landlubber genuises won’t believe what is reported. Why? Because they don’t want to hear about the good side; they just want to create job security for themselves by preaching doom and gloom.

Maine has the best conservation laws on the Eastern Seaboard, many of which were proposed by the fishermen themselves.

If the National Marine Fisheries Service wants to solve one of the main problems facing our fishery, why don’t they do something about the destruction of our brood stock by the offshore fishermen and draggers? NMFS is squeezing out the small fisherman the way the large farming corporations squeezed out the small family farm. NMFS is pushing the small fisherman inside the three-mile limit (state waters) and is allowing the large company boats to fish federal waters as they wish.

I am a 40-year-plus veteran in this fishery and I beg the public not to swallow just one side of the story. Listen to both sides. We fishermen don’t speak the polished language the news groups like to hear; thus, we are not asked to tell our side of the fisheries story. Politics and the media are playing games with the little guy once again. The lobster fishery is the only one left that the government hasn’t ruined — just give them a little more time. Harvey L. Crowley Downeast Lobstermen’s Association, Corea

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