June 06, 2020

Standard procedure?

This letter states my own personal feelings. I am not a spokesperson for the family.

Greg Baker was my nephew.

First, my feelings toward the Bangor Daily News. You should take a class in human compassion. The family did not need to wake up the morning after the tragedy and see a picture on the front page of Greg lying face down and dead with a pair of handcuffs on, or in the following days, a picture of Officer [Robert] Bishop’s smiling face beside Greg’s picture. He must have been quite a threat to everyone when he was already dead, to be handcuffed.

The police should do a review of their so-called “standard procedure” because standard means it applies to all people and I know this is true. Standard procedure applies to some average citizens and not to the rich people.

O.J. Simpson was followed for miles with a loaded gun after he was suspected of killing two people.

The police knew things were not right with Greg all day long. It was stated the police negotiation team was called, after securing the area. I’m sure if it had been Simpson, the negotiating team would have been on stand by all day.

It’s time for America to wake up. This is our country, not just the rich man’s country. Standard procedure should apply to all. I sit and wonder if the police could use that kind of standard procedure on one of their own family members? Standard procedure should be to wound and apprehend, not shoot to kill.

The last things I want to comment on is Kim Davis’ [letter, BDN, Aug. 6]. It is obvious she is either a cop’s wife or a relative. She could use a lesson in class. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, Greg’s death will never be justified to me. Wendy Johnson Baring

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