May 24, 2020

Support for Collins

I am writing in response to the letter “Women vote Brennan” by Ellen Werner of Blue Hill (BDN, Sept. 26). I found this to be a confusing letter as it very much misrepresented Susan Collins, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate and the issues that she stands for.

Ms. Warner asserted that, “Brennan is the candidate who will work the hardest to bring forward the agenda that benefits Maine women.” I very much disagree. As a working Maine woman, I am absolutely thrilled with Susan Collins. Her intelligence, integrity and hard work make me feel proud to be a woman from Maine.

Unlike Ms. Werner, I did not find it “unusual” that the National Organization for Women would suport Joe Brennan. NOW is notorious for turning their back on women candidates who don’t fit in with their tax and spend, big government agenda. But we know that Joe Brennan is indeed that candidate. In 1989, Brennan was designated a “Big Spender” by the National Taxpayers Union. That year, 92 percent of House members voted to spend less than did Rep. Brennan.

Susan Collins is dedicated to balancing the federal budget (not just talking about it, but having a constitutional amendment for it), tax reform (Americans spend $100 billion a year just complying with our laws), and creating jobs (which she has spent most of her career doing, especially for small businesses.)

Ms. Werner listed all the social programs that Joe Brennan supports. Of course he does! Then, I will be taxed even higher and have less to spend for my family of five. No thanks.

It was insinuated that Susan came from a privileged background. Her family worked hard and owned and operated a small business. Yes, that is a privilege. Susan is also pro-choice, but is not a one issue candidate.

Susan is the best choice for women and men in Maine. She listens to all people and would vote very responsibly to help all people. Our children will also be better off in the future without someone like Joe Brennan who would vote to raise taxes and spend liberally until our government collapses all together.

Democrats and Republicans, men and women, vote for Susan Collins! Nancy Gibson Pittsfield

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