May 24, 2020

Put Congress back in touch with America

In last week’s Bangor Daily News I happened to read that our senators were receiving more than $100,000 a year from the taxpayers and one aide had to get by on only $68,000 a year. One senator retired on only $78,000 a year.

It started me thinking; they all have full health coverage. Isn’t it amazing that we can afford it for them, but not for us. They can’t afford their own on $100,000 a year, but we should be able to pay for ours on $4.35 an hour. A loaf of bread has reached nearly $2, yet we have the same minimum wage. We have to work 45 years to retire on $600 or $700 a month, yet they work less than half that time and get more than 10 times as much from taxpayers’ money.

It’s hard to realize the full value of our politicians of today. The Democrats promised health insurance for everyone; nothing happened. The Republicans promised a balanced budget; that’s not going to happen either. Look at they way Congress managed the savings and loan. When one thinks of the national debt, and you realize these people are saying to you that in the best scenario, they only intend to borrow for another seven years, but they say nothing of how they intend to pay what is now owed or what the interest will be on our debt seven years from now. Our politicians seem to think they are doing a wonderful job and deserve more for themselves. Think of the courage and daring it takes to cut Medicare and welfare.

It is like a great play. Such as was the scene in the French courts in the time of Marie Antoinette, the Democrats are given the power and they play at something, then the Republicans get power and they undo what the Democrats did. Meanwhile, the greatest country on Earth is sliding straight into hell and we, as taxpayers and voters, are asking how you fix something when the only choice we have is the same as what we have now. We should be electing housewives to Congress, ones who have to budget on a minimum wage of $4.35 an hour.

I don’t think Congress is in touch with America. When our families get in debt we have to tighten our belts, bite the bullet and get it paid. Congress should do the same. Cut federal health insurance, cut federal salaries, add 10 cents to the gas tax, reduce federal retirement, add a surtax on salaries of over $100,000 and whatever it takes to pay back the money our high-paid genius people have borrowed. Pass laws so this can never happen again, as well as laws so that debt taxes must be repealed upon payment of the national debt. This will restore confidence in the American system. The writing is on the wall, and the working people of America can read it. Too bad we can’t teach our politicians to read instead of them cutting educational funding in the hope that soon we won’t be able to.

Kittridge A. Johnson lives in Winter Harbor.

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