January 21, 2020

Gays should wake up

Ruthlessly, demagogues, gay-bashing, witch hunt, grim tradition, Salem, Joe McCarthy, bizarre, bigotry.

For all I know, these words used by Frank Rich of The New York Times in the Bangor Daily News on June 29 might be used by me. Do I deserve them? You be the judge.

When times were hard for my family and me, we had to drop our insurance, our phone, our electricity, etc. We washed laundry with a plunger in the bathtub and ironed with a flat iron (which had once been our door stop) heated on the wood stove.

We had a bunny business and when we figured out that people weren’t buying, then we stopped raising them. And all during that time, we never asked others to do for us what we could do for ourselves, nor did we use language to try to humiliate others or put them on some false guilt trip.

It’s time for the so-called “gay community” to wake up. When the family is hurting financially, the frills are the first to go. If your so-called art is so great, prove it. Let it stand on its own merit instead of you bashing the rest of your family of U.S. citizenry for not giving you a free glory ride. It’s time to drop the NEA.

Grow up. No one is buying your bunnies. Lorraine R. Stearns Hampden

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