May 30, 2020

Children of today are tomorrow’s future, right? How can they possibly have hopes and dreams about the next century when many of them are afraid to get up each morning and face the current state of the world? I feel that before we can begin helping children prepare for their future, some changes need to be considered to provide them with more promising options.

Presently, children attempt to survive in a world overloaded with hatred of our fellow citizens. It is sad that too often this hatred leads to a violent situation. Children become accustomed at too early an age to the violence that is so prominent in our society. They are not only openly exposed to gruesome killings, but also to the physical and emotional abuse that exists in too many of our homes.

A lot of prejudice also exists in society today. Hurtful attitudes are unfairly placed upon people because they may appear or behave differently. …

Unreasonable expectations are placed on our children. We want them to succeed and be the best they possibly can be, but we tend to forget that they cannot be precise surgeons or successful attorneys overnight. …

If we, as adults, truly want our children of today to become our bright and promising tomorrow, we need to work together as friends and colleagues, to create safer and more stimulating living and learning environments for the children. There is not enough time in the world to point fingers at where the blame for this whole situation lies. Instead, we all need to pool our resources and concerns to improve the present situation. I hope that someday soon, all children will be able to attend a school where they are able to focus on learning and then be able to walk home without having to avoid drugs or weapons on the streets. Most importantly, we need to provide our children with love and encouragement to succeed in their own individual ways. Janet Walker Hampden

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