June 19, 2019

George Mitchell wants the luxury boat tax repealed. During the campaign next year, he’s sure to brag of how he fought to repeal that tax that put more than 20,000 boat-builders out of work.

I wonder if he’ll remind voters of his fight a few years back to get that tax passed? Republicans opposed it all the way. They said it would hurt boat-builders.

Mitchell said that wasn’t true. He said “Trust me.” Well, it seems Mitchell was wrong. Thanks to the Democratic, Mitchell-supported boat tax, more than 20,000 boat-builders lost their jobs. The Republicans were right.

When Mitchell and his friends finally realized the damage they had done, an attempt was made to shift the blame. Last year, Democrats twice stuck a repeal onto legislation Bush was sure to oppose. When that legislation was indeed turned down by Bush, Mitchell tried to blame Bush for not repealing the tax. The Democrats would not give Bush a separate bill to repeal the law.

In 1990 Sen. Mitchell led the fight for another Democratic tax increase. The biggest in history. Why? To reduce the deficit. Conservative Republicans said it would not work. Mitchell again said “Trust me.” The deficit continued to rise. The Republicans were right. Again!

Mitchell is again a leading proponent of the biggest tax increase in U.S. history. Again a Democratic tax increase. Its purpose? To reduce the deficit. Mitchell is again saying, “Trust me.” …

Higher taxes have never reduced the deficit. Never! Challenge

Mitchell to explain one time higher taxes have done so. A few weeks ago somebody asked Clinton the same question and he could not answer it.

How about a guarantee from George? Promise that if the Clinton tax increase does not reduce the deficit to the extent he claims, he will resign! Come on, Sen. Mitchell, show your real faith in the Clinton plan. Jerry Robichaud Newport

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