July 16, 2020

I am one of those “tight-fisted tippers” Donna Fortin decries (Readers Write, Aug. 1-2). I believe when I pay for a meal (or a haircut or groceries or pizza delivery or newspaper delivery), the price includes reasonably courteous, efficient service. That paycheck you’re receiving is for more than just turning up at work. I resent the implied threat of “no tip, no service.”

Sales clerks at my store make little more than minimum wage, receive no commission, and haven’t gotten a raise in three years. We don’t receive tips for being helpful and pleasant to customers — even the crabbiest of non-local ones on a busy Saturday afternoon.

Furthermore, I deeply resent suggestions on tipping which some area restaurants place on their menus, and I’d like to see the state law that recommends the rate at which people should tip. You can see why the golden arches can be more appealing than Bangor’s “newly opened seafood restaurant.” Kim Marchegiani Veazie

Dear waitress, I would like to bring several things to your attention.

Most people working for various employers at minimum wage regardless of the trade have no one to give them tips, and I’m sure most people with jobs work hard also.

I’ve left many restaurants not only displeased with the prices but with the small portions. This isn’t the waitress’ fault, but food is a necessity for survival. Whether you eat in a restaurant or at home, the meal should never be taxed. The greedy state lawmakers are to blame for that, but that’s so they can double their salaries.

When you get a job at a restaurant, you should get a salary no less than federal minimum wage, so why is it that you say the public is cheap? Should we tip to the extent that you get rich and we can’t afford one night out a week?

I usually tip according to the service. In most restaurants, you have to flag down the waitress if you want even a glass of water. A waitress should attend school to learn to smile and how to be nice to all customers even if he or she doesn’t like them….

Count your blessings. You could be working at McDonald’s or Burger King…. Joe Cormier Van Buren, and Wasilla, Alaska

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