April 19, 2019

Checking out `Rubbergate’

With all the bad checks our members of Congress are passing there is little wonder they cannot work out a balanced budget.

I am reminded of the story of the irate customer who charged into the office of the president of his bank waving his checkbook and roaring, “What do you mean by refusing payment on my checks! Look, you idiot, I’ve got plenty left right here.” Richard S. Bradford Orono

Doesn’t it seem a little ludicrous for Olympia Snowe to blame the Democratic appointees who ran the House bank for her bounced check? Does Fleet Bank come and balance anyone’s checkbook?

Olympia can’t balance a checkbook, she can’t balance a budget. She should drop out of the congressional race. She is a disgrace. Carla Miller Old Town

Should any person unble to balance a checkbook be elected to any public office? The answer used to be no.

Then why do we have so many dense individuals elected to office? The answer: There are so many denser individuals who voted them in. Charles T. Butera Hermon

A voter in St. Paul by the name of Sheldon LaPrairie, a constituent of Gerry Sikorski’s, said, “The bounced checks don’t bother me in a sense. You know, everybody does it, but the thing that bothers me about it is they tried to keep it quiet!” The man he was talking about had 671 bounced checks amounting to $120,000.

I want to tell LaPrairie something. Everybody does not do it….

To add insult to injury, an article on the front page says the culprits blame the system. Can you also believe that? Come on, you Washington thieves, mommy doesn’t tie your shoes, blow your nose, and put on your mittens anymore. No one with this attitude should hold an important role in government. Throw the rascals out with a vote for their opponent. A. Earl Tomilson Lincoln

Since the Congress gives its members plenty of leeway in ethical matters, don’t wait for anything more than a slap on the wrist for 99 percent of them in the check-writing scandal. Your time would be better spent in reading the latest literary effort of Haynes Johnson titled, “Sleepwalking Through History,” a best-seller recounting the Reagan-Bush years. It is factual, well-written in language the common man can understand.

Don’t deprive yourself of the relative information you need to make an intelligent judgment so you can cast a meaningful vote in November’s election. Just maybe we the people can rectify the horrible mistakes of the ’80s and get this country on a course that will be representative of the concepts of government that was intended by our founding fathers.

Wake up, middle class, and do your duty. In your hands rests the future of your country and your children’s lives. Don’t less less than 1 percent of the population act as dictator to your future. James McLaughlin Sr. Lincoln

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