May 30, 2020

AT HOULTON CC, Wednesday

Houlton (10-0) 174, Fort Fairfield (5-5) 188

Houlton: Sam Fasulo 41, Lucas DeWitt 42, Troy Adams 45, Zach Goodwin 46, David Askren 51

Fort Fairfield: Adam Bruce 42, V.J. Bernier 45, Tom Houghton 48, John Voisine 53, Jeff Corey 64

Medalist: Sam Fasulo


Fort Kent 213, Madawaska 225

Fort Kent: Wayne Saucier 47, Phil Ezzy 49, Mark Theriault 62, Robert Warman 65

Madawaska: Scott Cowie 57, Shawn Albert 63, Mike Dechaine 64, Linda Anderson 71

Medalist: Wayne Saucier (FK) 47

AT J.W. PARKS, Pittsfield, Par 35

Maine Central Institute (4-0) 5.5, Stearns (3-1) 4.5

Jeff Daigle (St) def. Chuck Graham* 1-up; Kevin Brown* (MCI) def. Nate Ryan 3-2; Chris Dubois* (St) def. Nathan Orr 1-up; Jay Seamans* (St) def. Matt Stein* 1-up; Danny Stein* (MCI) def. Adam Bernier 4-2

MCI 9.5, Penquis (2-2) 0.5

Graham* (MCI) def. Ben Morey* 1-up; Brown* (MCI) def. Sam Peters 5-3; Orr* (MCI) def. Lee McMannus 3-2; M. Stein* (MCI) def. Adam Harmon 5-4; D. Stein* (MCI) def. Tom Crossman 5-3

Stearns 8, Penquis 2

Daigle (St) def. Morey* 1-up; Ryan* (St) def. Peters 3-2; Dubois* (St) def. McMannus 4-3; Seamans* (St) def. Harmon 5-4; Bernier* (St) tied Crossman 1-1

Medalist: Kevin Brown 39

*-won medal point


Rockland 176, Camden-Rockport 179, Mt. Blue 191

Rockland 5, Camden-Rockport 2

Ryan Mazzeo (C-R) def. Sam Hamilanian 2-1, Jim Montgomery (R) def. Donald Cayton 4-3, Daren Goeke (R) def. Brian Wickenden 2-1, Perry Goodspeed (C-R) def. Bryce Black 3-2, Mark Gustin (R) def. Luke Dorr 3-1

Camden-Rockport 6, Mt. Blue 1

Mazzeo (C-R) def. Jamie Sirois 2-up, Matt Daigneault (MB) def. Cayton, sudden death, Wickenden (C-R) def. Jim Cosgrove 2-up, Goodspeed (C-R) def. Mike Soucie 3-2, Dorr (C-R) def. Isaac Morrison, sudden death

Rockland 5, Mt. Blue 2

Sirois (MB) def. Hamilanian 4-3, Montgomery (R) def. Daigneault 4-3, Goeke (R) def. Cosgrove 2-1, Soucie (MB) def. Black 2-up, Gustin (R) def. Morrison 3-2

Medalist: Jim Montgomery (R) 40

AT COUNTRYVIEW G.C., Brooks, par 36

Morse 162, Mount View 189, Winslow 214

Mount View 6, Winslow 1

Jarod Mills (W) def. Mike French 1-up; Jeff Forbush (MV) def. Jeremy McCaslis 3-2; Wayne Whitcomb (MV) def. Nick Derose 3-2; Dean Cunningham (MV) def. Brian Noel 4-3; John Ford (MV) def. Andy Poulin 3-1

Morse 7, Mount View 0

Kevin MacDonald (Mor) def. French 4-3; Jason Marco (Mor) def. Forbush 3-2; Matt Smith (Mor) def. Whitcomb 2-1; Chad Walker (Mor) def. Cunningham 3-1; John Buck (Mor) def. Ford 2-1

Morse 7, Winslow 0

MacDonald (Mor) def. Mills 5-3; Marco (Mor) def. McCaslis 5-4; Smith (Mor) def. Derose 3-2; Walker (Mor) def. Noel 5-4; Buck (Mor) def. Poulin 3-1

Medalist: Jason Marco (Mor) 37

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