June 05, 2020

Students receive awards, recognition at Dexter assembly

DEXTER — The following students were recognized at the 1990 Final Assembly held June 1 at Dexter Regional High School:

Tammy Moscrip, highest grade-point average in the freshmen social studies class; Nicholas Bogan and Aaron Schottenfeld, highest grade-point averages in the sophomore social studies class; Valerie Brawn, Jason Hallee and Amy Bagley, highest grade-point averages in the junior social studies class; Sonja Hargraves, highest grade-point average in the senior psychology class; Theresa Ronco, highest grade-point average after eight semesters of social studies classes.

Kevin Laferriere and Jill Lawrence were awarded the business department I Dare You to be Aware; Michelle Cotta and Brenda Peters, Husson College Award from the business department.

Vyana Runnels, National Mathematics Examination Award; Kim Austin, Kelly Tobin, Bill Chabot, Kevin Laferriere, Nick Cannon, Francis Reynolds, Elizabeth Ranagan, Amy Bagley, Jodi Grant, Nick Bogan, Karen Hersey, Vyana Runnels, members of the high school mathematics team; Ann Burdin, Kevin Cooley, Alan Fern, Lisa Thibodeau, Sean Callahan, Christina Downing, Lori Fern and Orland Worcester, members of the freshmen mathematics team.

Rhonda Day, Jill Merrill, and Stacey Breen, highest academic average in home economics; Lisa True, Tanya Annis, and Maria Bukojemski, most improved home economics students.

Jason Jette, EC-CO-IT Plus Award; Stacy McGinley, Shawn Keyte and Jennie Giles, chorus awards; Alex Guiski, Chase and Kimball Male Athlete of the Year; Tammy Keaten, Dexter Shoe Co. Female Athlete of the Year; Alex Guiski and Tasha Cobb, U.S. Army Reserve Scholars-Athlete of the Year awards; Amy Bagley, Colby Book Prize.

Stacy Bray, most-spirited student; high school band, most spirited organization; Mike Wilcox, highest grade-point average in Industrial Technology Level I; Chance Wyman, most improved student in IT Level II; Carl Cobb, achievement award for IT Level III; Christy Oakes, achievement award for IT Level IV.

Students who had perfect attendance were: freshmen, Sean Callahan, Angela Cyr, Jared Herrick, Carlton Larrabee, Toby Lawrence, Tammy Moscrip, Jennifer Smith; sophomores, Tiffany Nason, Melanie Raymond, Renee Washington; juniors, Tracie Conners and Darren Moscrip; and senior, Brenda Peters.

Others honored were: Michele Cooley, Elizabeth Ranagan, Andrew Heneise, band awards; Christina Downing, Susan Reed, April Wintle, achievement in Spanish I; Ann Sambito and Angela Cyr, effort in Spanish I; Kim Austin, achievement in Spanish II; Bev Ronco, effort in Spanish II; Kim Lewis, effort in conversational Spanish; Susan Reed and Jim Baldwin, high score on national Spanish examination for Level I.

Also, Kim Austin, high score on national Spanish examination for Level II; Lori Fern, Lisa Thibodeau, Steve Pratt, achievement in French I; Marc Poulin, Jessica Moninski, and Kim Hunt, effort for French I; Vyana Runnels and Laura Sullivan, achievement for French II; Amy Bagley, achievement for French III; Ginny Ham and Lisa Thibodeau, French national contest winners for French I; Laura Sullivan, French national contest winner for French II; Elizabeth Ranagan, FLAME Outstanding Foreign Language Student Award.

The French and Spanish clubs presented Amy Bagley and Jodie Grant with cash awards. These two high school students will participate in the summer exchange program in France.

Darren Moscrip was presented with the Bausch and Lomb Science Award. This award and medal recognizes the junior student who has achieved the highest scholastic standing in science subjects.

Elizabeth Ranagan was awarded the American Association of Physics Teachers Award, presented to the outstanding physics student at the high school.

Others honored were: Kathy Landry, achievement award for introductory chemistry; Cynthia Lawson, effort award for introductory chemistry; Kevin Laferriere, achievement award for college chemistry; Pam Beem and Jim Peakes, effort awards for college chemistry.

Also, Steve Leavitt, highest achievment in Energy I and II; Kevin Lougee, greatest improvement in Energy I and II; Nick Bogan, Karen Hersey, Vyana Runnels, achievement awards in sophomore college biology; Nicole Martin and Andy Qua, effort awards in sophomore college biology; Nicholas Bogan, achievement award in Pascal; Stacy Stinson, Marcia Harrington and David Chabot, effort awards in physical science; Stacy Bray, Mark Mroz, Kelly Tobin, Tres Getchell, Elizabeth Ranagan, certificates of participation in the high school physics bowl.

Elizabeth Ranagan also was honored for finishing the year as the No. 1 academically ranked student in the country taking the Advanced Placement Chemistry Course.

Others honored were: Tammy Moscrip, Alan Fern, Steve Pratt, Lisa Thibodeau, achievement awards in earth science; Bucky Clukey, Dawn Santoro, Kim Hunt, Trevin Cobb, Justin Alfond, and Jared Herrick, effort awards in earth science.

Also, Tammy Moscrip, Christina Downing, Lisa Thibodeau, achievement awards in college English 9; Steve Pratt and Melodie Baxter, effort awards in college English 9; Mike Wilcox, achievement award in general English 9; Carrisa Judkins, effort award in general English 9.

Also, Stacie McInnis, achievement award in Accent USA; Shelley Crowell, effort award in Accent USA; Sonja Hargraves, achievement award in writing and media; John Bridges, effort award in writing and media; Rhoda Day and Laurie Tumosa, effort award in college English 9B; Tammy Bagley, achievement award in general English 10; Don Paige and Heather Tibbets, effort awards in general English 10; Tom Dyson, effort award in writing and media; Wayne Washburn and Kathy Landry, effort awards in Accent USA; Jennifer Williams, achievement award in senior English; Christy Oakes, effort award in senior English; Darsey Gagnon, achievement award in senior literature; Paul Dow, effort award in senior literature; Valerie Brawn, achievement award in junior vocabulary and writing; Darren Moscrip, effort award in junior vocabulary and writing; Joel Hall, achievement award in American Literature; Alison Smith, effort award in American Literature;

Elizabeth Ranagan, highest average for four years of college English; Stacey Breen, highest average for four years in general English; Karen Hersey and Aaron Schottenfeld, achievement award in college English 10; Rachel Brooks, Nicholas Bogan, Amanda Bubar, effort awards in college English 10; Rachel Sinclair and Laura Sullivan, achievement awards in college English 10B; Kerry Bumpus, effort award in college English 10B; Aaron Schottenfeld, Joe E. Baldwin Writing Award; Elizabeth Ranagan, Ben Thomas, Karen Hersey, Vyana Runnels, Valerie Brawn, Nick Bogan, Francis Reynolds, Aaron Schottenfeld, Hi-Q Team certificates.

National Honor Society Seniors honored were Elizabeth Ranagan, Tasha Cobb, Jennifer Williams, Teresa Ronco and Michele Cooley. The National Honor Society red rose was presented to high honors member Elizabeth Ranagan. She also was given the National Association of Secondary School Principals’ Leadership Award.

Darren Moscrip and Amy Bagley were recipients of the University of Maine Academic Achievement Award for Juniors. Darren Moscrip was honored for his first-place finish in the West Penobscot Telephone Co. essay contest. Jill Merrill placed second, and Kenneth Dorman, third.

Elizabeth Ranagan was the Tandy Technology Scholars Outstanding Student. Tandy Technology Scholars who scored in the top 2 percent of their class were Elizabeth Ranagan and Jennifer Williams.

Alex Guiski received the Naismith Award for being the basketball player of the year in Maine.

Christopher Almy, district attorney for Penobscot County, recognized Jeanne Sawtelle, a member of the SAD 46 School Board, and Rob Liebow, principal of the high school, for their outstanding work with substance-abuse issues in the SAD 46 school system.

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