June 19, 2019

Worries about water quality

I see in the Bangor Daily News on Tuesday, March 20, on Page 1 that the Caribou Waterworks requests mining study concerning the copper mine west of Portage at Bald Mountain. As far as I can understand, they are worried about the source of their drinking water. How come they are worried about it now and they were not worried about it 20 or 25 years ago when the town of Ashland had the town dump that was called the Sheridan Dump between Sheridan and Route 227 close to the Aroostook River where there was a bogan that would back the water up during the spring high water and when there would be some ice jams below and wash all kinds of filth and trash down the river?

There was a gentleman that had what he called a “honey wagon” and he cleaned septic tanks and cesspools. He would back the truck up by the end of the dump and empty the contents of the truck down over the bank. How come they are not worried about all the mud and silt and filth that runs into the Little Machias River off the Pinkham Mill yard in Nashville at Skerry Siding close by the shore of Little Machias River? After a real big heavy downpour thunder shower, I have seen that river as riley and muddy as any mud puddle I ever saw.

Why are they not worried about the sawdust pile that is on the bank of the Little Machias River that is a short way from the Aroostook River? Probably they should investigate the large sawdust pile that is up on the bank of the shore of Squirrel Pond. It would be of as much danger to them as any from the Bald Mountain.

The water from the Bald Mountain Region goes into the Clayton Stream that goes to Fish Lake and down to the St. John. The Squirrel Pond Stream goes into the Second Musquakhook Lake and down to the Allagash River and on to the St. John River. As far as I ever knew, I never heard tell of the Aroostook River getting any water from any of the other watersheds. Rodney L. Allen Ashland

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