Diocese lists priests who may have been fired had they lived

This story was published on July 04, 2005 on Page B1 in all editions of the Bangor Daily News

PORTLAND – One month ago the Roman Catholic Diocese released the names of deceased priests accused of sexual abuse of minors. On Sunday, as an addition to the previous list, the diocese released the names of those deceased priests who, as the diocese said in a press release, “would likely be removed from ministry if they were alive today.”

Among the total of nine names on the list was Rev. John Crozier, who was the pastor at St. Mary’s Church in Orono during the 1970s, and the Rev. James Vallely, who was a priest at St. John’s Catholic Church in Bangor during the 1950s. Crozier died in 1990, and Vallely died in 2001.

In addition, the Rev. Lawrence Sabatino, who died in 1990, was accused of abuse in parishes in Portland, South Portland and Lewiston.

The Rev. Lucien Mandeville, who was a pastor at St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Dexter in the late 1960s and who died in 1984, and Rev.

Lucien McKeone, who was pastor in Dexter in the 1970s and who died in 1980, were also on the list.

The original list of priests was released in late May after a Freedom of Information Act request was granted by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

Though the diocese and the Maine Attorney General’s Office argued against the release, the court decided that the public interest outweighed the right of privacy for the deceased.

Bishop Richard Malone decided to publicize the names of those on the list who likely would be removed from ministry if they were alive today in light of the court decision and media attention.

The church pays for counseling, extends spiritual counseling and, if desired, will arrange a meeting between survivors and the bishop.