Police arrest man after altercation at Bangor Car Care

This story was published on Aug. 26, 2004 on Page B3 in edition 3 of the Bangor Daily News

An Old Town man was arrested in Bangor on Tuesday after allegedly hitting another man in the head with a paperweight as a result of a dispute over a local business’ return policy.

Wesley Gerrish, 28, was charged with aggravated assault after an incident at Bangor Car Care on Tuesday afternoon.

Officer Douglas Moore of the Bangor Police Department arrived on the scene with Officer Paul Colley and found Gerrish sitting in the front seat of a white Dodge by the business’ entrance. At that time, Glenn Geiser, 38, of Bangor approached Moore from inside Bangor Car Care. According to Moore’s report, Geiser had blood dripping down his face from a cut on his head. Geiser claimed Gerrish had assaulted him with a paperweight.

According to reports, Colley then took Geiser inside the building, while Moore talked to Gerrish, who had come to Bangor Car Care with his mother. Gerrish claimed he had tried to return a car battery for a friend but Geiser had informed him that only the person who purchased it could return it.

Reports said Gerrish admitted to giving Geiser “attitude,” but he insisted Geiser had attacked him after an argument started over the battery. Gerrish claimed he hit Geiser with the paperweight in self-defense. Gerrish’s mother stated that she had not seen the whole fight, but had come into the building and saw the two men fighting, at which time Gerrish used the paperweight against Geiser.

Reports indicated that witnesses did not corroborate Gerrish’s story. Geiser claimed Gerrish started screaming at two female employees after Geiser told him he could not return the battery. Geiser then told Gerrish to leave the building. According to statements made by Geiser and several witnesses in the business at the time, Gerrish then picked up the paperweight and struck Geiser in the head.

Geiser said he tried to restrain Gerrish and told employees to call the police. After a short struggle, Geiser said he released Gerrish, at which time Gerrish kicked the wall. There was a mark on the wall, probably left by a kick, reports said. Geiser admitted that he then followed Gerrish outside of the store, where they once again had a physical confrontation, resulting in the back panels of the white Dodge being scratched.

After talking to several witnesses, Moore placed Gerrish under arrest for aggravated assault. Gerrish was transported to Penobscot County Jail without incident.

The paperweight, which Moore estimated weighed 3 to 5 pounds, was taken as evidence.

A Bangor woman was arrested Tuesday for assault.

Officer Butch Moor of the Bangor Police Department responded to a call of two women fighting outside of Young’s Market in Bangor. Upon arriving, Moor saw two women in front of the store wrestling on the ground. Reports said that one woman was clearly on top of the other. A few onlookers surrounded the tussle, while two men were trying to separate the women, according to reports.

Elizabeth Lewey, 41, was on top of another female and grabbing her hair. Moor told Lewey to let go of the woman, but she did not respond. Moor then grabbed Lewey’s wrist and forced her to let go of a handful of the female’s hair. Moor handcuffed Lewey and placed her under arrest for assault.

Reports said the victim stated that Lewey approached her in front of the victim’s apartment, which was nearby. She also stated that Lewey threw water at her before assaulting her.

Lewey was transported to Penobscot County Jail without incident.

– Compiled by NEWS reporter Josh Keefe