Real estate transfers

This story was published on Aug. 05, 2004 on Page W9 of The Weekly

Real estate transfers recorded with city of Brewer:

To James W. Jr. and Eunice McAfee, Brewer, from James W. McAfee Jr., Brewer, July 8, 21 Pine Tree Road, deed between spouses.

To Joseph C. Mizda Revocable Trust, Bangor, from Joseph C. Mizda, Bangor, Nov. 10, 264 Wiswell Road, transfer to revocable trust.

To Alan W. and Jennifer K. Mosca, Brewer, from Pamela L. Mosca, Bangor, Oct. 23, 172 Washington St., gift from parent to child.

To Wilson Street Realty Trust, Westminster, Mass., from Joseph R. Muner, Grafton, Mass., Oct. 21, parcel on Wilson Street, deed to grantor trust.

To Christopher W. Nichols, Hudson, and William K. Nichols, Longmont, Colo., from Christopher W. Nichols, personal representative of the Estate of Paul Thomas Nichols, Hudson, Sept. 29, 131 Parker St., deed of distribution.

To Jennifer R. Cassidy, Brewer, from Todd J. Nichols, Bucksport, June 16, 2003, 72 Elm St., $27,100.

To Patricia B. Palmer, Brewer, from Ervin A. Osborne, Brewer, Nov. 20, 15 Fawn Court, $53,700.

To Susan C. Spear, Brewer, from Ervin A. Osborne, Brewer, Aug. 13, 2003, 15 Genie Drive, deed between spouses.

To H. Gary Parker, Bangor, from Susan T. Parker, no date listed, 37 Coffin Ave., deed between spouses.

To Husson Park Limited Partnership, Bangor, from Rodney E. Pease, Orrington, Aug. 8, 2003, 20 Town Landing Road and property in Orrington, $150,000.

To Robert S. Jr. Orrington, Pamela A. Foss, Orrington, and Candice Morrill, Orrington, from Raymond W. Perry Jr., Orrington, Paulette M. Hinson, Orrington, Judith M. Watson, Orrington, Wayne B. Watson, Orrington, and Beverly I. Sharpe, Orrington, Oct. 21, parcel off Garland Street, corrective deed.

To Wilson Street Realty Trust, Westminster, Mass., from Asa Pickard, Brewer, Oct. 17, 802 Wilson St. and parcel on Eastern Avenue, $762,000.

To Craig Poole, Levant, from J. Lucien and Leonie L. Plante, trustees, or their successors in trust, under the Plante Family Living Trust, East Hartford, Conn., Nov. 20, 64 Chamberlain St., $93,000.

To Hampden Home Builders, Hampden, from Robert S. and Patricia Quirk, Hampden, July 16, 46 Woodridge Road, $25,000.

To Hampden Home Builders, Hampden, from Robert S. and Patricia L. Quirk, Hampden, June 2, 46 Woodridge Road, transfer to a corporation, grantors sole shareholders.

To William and Amy Reaviel, Brewer, from William Reaviel, July 15, 606 South Main St., deed between spouses.

To Michelle A. Rice, Brewer, from David T. Rice, Brewer, May 5, 29 Brimmer St., deed between spouses.

To Elaine C. and Frederick A. Rice, as trustees of the Elaine C.D. Rice Revocable Trust, Naples, Fla., from Elaine C. Rice, April 1, 95 Hillcrest Drive, deed to grantor trust.

To Lawrence P. Robinson, Brewer, from Douglas A. Robinson, San Francisco, Calif., Feb. 25, one-third interest in 382 South Main St., $15,000.

To Roger P. Ruhlin and Stephanie A. Snowman, Brewer, from Roger P. Ruhlin, Brewer, Jan. 1, 26 Ruhlin Way, $33,400.

To Ruhlin Properties LLC, Brewer, from Robert P. Ruhlin, Brewer, Nov. 1, 2002, portion of Eastern Avenue, individual to LLC.

To Richard P. Ruhlin, Brewer, from Roger P. Ruhlin, Brewer, Oct. 8, 2002, portion of Eastern Avenue, deed between parent and child.

To Ken McCue, Thorndike, from Saco Valley Credit Union, Saco, June 30, 66 Pendleton St., $70,000.

To John F. Shaw and Anne E. O’Brien, Garland, from John F. Shaw, Garland, Oct. 9, 586 South Main St., deed between spouses.

To Kathleen Adams, Brewer, from Kandy Siahaya, Brewer, Oct. 2, portion of 285 Eastern Ave., gift from child to parent.

To Barbara C. Smith, trustee of B & G Smith Family Realty Trust, from Gary W. and Barbara C. Smith, Bangor, Jan. 1, 55-57 South Main St., deed to trust for benefit of grantors.

To Aaron R. and Melinda J. St. Peter, Brewer, from Aaron R. St. Peter, Brewer, May 6, 516 Lambert Road and parcel in Eddington, deed between spouses.

To Richard M. Stetson, Eleanor S. Fairbanks, and Charlotte Stetson, Brewer, from Frederic H. Stetson, Brewer, Oct. 6, 67 Starlight Drive, deed from parent to children.

To Joseph Q. Quinn, Bangor, from Ronald E. and Joan F. Thomas, Tewksbury, Mass., Oct. 9, 12 State St., and property in Bangor, $110,000.

To Donald L. and Muguette M. Tibbetts, Blue Hill Falls, from Donald L. Tibbetts, Blue Hill Falls, June 26, 12 State St., deed between spouses.

To Joseph L. Ferris, Brewer, from Timber Ridge of Brewer Residential Development Corp., Brewer, July 15, 83 Wintergreen Way, $30,000.

To Eleanor E. Bohan, Brewer, from Louis R. Tracy, Millinocket, Dec. 23, 7 Hardy St., mother to son.

To Jeffrey E. Crawford, Brewer, from Roger E. Tracy, Brewer, Aug. 21, 2003, portion of 975 North Main St. $2,000.

To Nicole M. Turner, Brewer, from Nicole M. Turner, successor trustee, Jacqueline L. Allen Living Trust, Brewer Oct. 8, 1118 North Main St., $55,000.To Andrew E. Spaulding, Bangor, from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Manchester, N.H., Oct. 1, 454 South Main St., $47,900.

To Aleta L. Wade, Veazie, from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Manchester, N.H., July 7, 32 Holyoke St., $50,850.

To Sarah A. Vidas, Brewer, from Urban Paul Vidas, Brewer, Dec. 17, 212 Lambert Road, deed between spouses.

To Song Van Vo, Brewer, from Song Van and Kim Hoa T. Vo, Brewer, Dec. 5, 35 Holyoke St., deed between spouses.

To Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., Danbury, Conn., from David F. Walsh and Julie A. Lloyd-Walsh, Brewer, Sept. 9, 102 Canterbury Road, $213,500.

To Nancy L. Babb, Brewer, from James W. Warren, Brewer, April 22, 23 Rockland Court, $47,275.

To William S. Walker Jr., Brewer, from Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, trustee for Option One, Irvine, Calif., July 29, 1191 North Main St., $69,000.

To Jean E. Wetherbee, Brewer, from Paul W. Wetherbee and Bonnie J. Byram, Brewer, no date listed, 134 Eastern Ave., deed between children and parent.

To Eugene P. and Frances M. Winchester, Brewer, from Sidney F. Winchester, Brewer, Jan. 29, 22A Maple St., transfer from child to parents.

To Roger Wolverton, Union, and Jennifer Mangels, Naples, Fla., from Robert B. Wolverton, Brewer, May 8, 26 Lincoln St., transfer from parent to children.

To Mark S. and Sharon Wood, trustees, or their successors under the Mark S. Wood and Sharon Wood Living Trust, Brewer, from Mark S. and Sharon Wood, Brewer, March 14, 120 Starlight Drive, transfer to grantors’ trust.

To Darrin A. and Ellen A. Stavnesli, Brewer, from Rebecca Wood, Bangor, Dec. 31, 7 Appomattox Road, corrective deed.

Real estate transfers recorded with city of Bangor:

To Valerie L. Ruhe, Bangor, from Danny L. Edwards, Bangor, Nov. 25, 98 Elm St., $97,500.

To Anne Marie Cowperthwaite, Bangor, from Marshall B. Hughes, Surry, Nov. 25, 329 Fourteenth St., $104,900.

To Gregory D. Smith, Brewer, from Double T Properties LLC, Bangor, Nov. 21, 97 Second St., $113,900.

To Donna M. Ingraham, Bangor, from Christopher and Rebecca Dunphy, Bangor, Nov. 21, 125 Drew Lane, $137,500.

To Erlise I. Hughes, Hampden, from Ryan J. and Wesley A. Proctor Sr., Bangor, Nov. 21, 112 Franklin St. Unit B-6, $138,000.

To Sandra M. Boyce, Wells River, Vt., from Gertrude E. Allen, Bangor, Nov. 21, 29 Dillingham St., $38,600.

To Donald R. and Lynn M. Ford, Bangor, from Sandra M. Boyce, Wells River, Vt., Nov. 26, 29 Dillingham St., $38,600.

To Eric F. and Courtney M. Sanders, Bangor, from Hugh A. and Eda M. Morrison, Brewer, Nov. 26, 18 Plaisted St., $190,000.

To Jesse A. and Laurel B. Grosjean, Franklin, from Wendy B. Mitchell, conservator of the Estate of Virginia B. Wegerdt, Bangor, Nov. 25, 66 Vernon St., $147,600.

To Tracy Leighton, Brunswick, from Porter Leighton, Portland, Nov. 20, 64 Second St., $65,000.

To Crystal Jones, Bangor, from Tracy Leighton, Brunswick, Nov. 20, 64 Second St., $79,000.

To David Boyd, Emeryville, Calif., from Norumbega Hall Limited Partnership, Hilo, Hawaii, Nov. 26, 73 Central St., $337,500.

To Thomas R. Monica S. Kelmm, Twin Lakes, Wis., from Florence F. Wood, Bangor, Dec. 1, 1340 Kenduskeag Ave., $174,900.

To Hampden Home Builders, Hampden, from Phillip J. and Catherine B. Gallant, Bangor, Dec. 1, 802 Mt. Hope Ave., $275,000.

To Valerie J. Palmer, Bangor, from David A. Palmer, Bangor, Nov. 24, 86 Grant St., deed between spouses.

To Sean Sweeney, Bangor, from Brenda Sweeney, Brewer, Oct. 27, 40 Second St., deed between spouses.

To Rosemary Corriveau, Bangor, from Larry D. Levasseur, Bangor, Dec. 1, 66 Shepherd Drive, $95,000.

To Andrew G. Sproul and Bethany L. Nahra, Bangor, from Thomas R. and Jacqueline Jones, Weston, Dec. 2, 15 Roger St., $59,000.

To Fleet National Bank, NA. and Alan D. Tobin, trustee, Boston, Mass., from Thomas and Judy Stevens, Bangor, Dec. 1, 225 Cedar St., $405,000.

To Gerald W. Jr. and Lisa M. Martin, Bangor, from Jeffrey T. MacDonald, Bangor, Dec. 2, 178 Mt. Hope Ave., $129,000.

To John A. Mannette, Holden, from Bonnie L. Mannette, Frankfort, Dec. 3, 18 Boynton St., deed between spouses.

To Steven A. and Ronny B. Young, Lincolnville, from John A. Mannette, Holden, Dec. 3, 18 Boynton St., $35,000.

To Shirin Homa Khavari, Ellsworth, from Monica Madore, Bangor, Dec. 1, 826 Ohio St. No. 20, $92,000.

To Raymond E. Perkins Jr., Auburn, from Jill Ronnie and Kenneth C. Skeel, Jacksonville, Dec. 5, 62 Mt. Desert Drive, $70,000.

To Michael W. Lane, Bangor, from Luke S. MacFadyen, Portland, Dec. 5, 83 Essex St., $150,000.

To Charles E. Colburn, Bangor, from Charles E. and Elizabeth I. Colburn, Bangor, Dec. 5, 19 Katahdin St., deed between spouses.

To Derek F. Dinsmore and Mary Ann Payson, Hampden, from Laurel A. Bray, Richmond, Dec. 4, 137 Palm St., $89,700.

To John A. and Carolyn J. Foley, Bangor, from Shann M. Gillespie, Bangor, no date listed, 14 Orchard Hills Parkway, $89,000.

To Brad R. Boylan, Bangor, from city of Bangor, Dec. 3, 191 Third St., city release to any interest it may have in a discontinued street.

To Ronald Winslow, Palmyra, from Ronald Winslow, personal representative of the Estate of Bernice W. Winslow, Palmyra, Dec. 3, 172 Falvey St., deed of distribution.

To Kimberlea Conrad, Bangor, from Mary M. Marois, personal representative of the Estate of Elizabeth M. Burns, St. Petersburg, Fla., Dec. 5, 5 Cynthia Circle Unit 5, $90,000.

To R.L.E. Limited Partnership, Old Town, from National Home Buyers Inc., Dec. 3, 67-69 First St., corrective deed.

To J. David Hughes, Bangor, from Kathryn E. Hughes, Hampden, Dec. 8, 468 Valley Ave., $146,300.

To Christina Belknap and Matthew J. McAvoy, Bangor, from Gary L. and Barbara A. Bowden, Hampden, Nov. 25, 38 Catell St., $93,000.

To Robert J. II and Sharon P. McKay, Bangor, from Julie A. Dawson, Bangor, Dec. 9, 25V Fairways, $255,950.

To Anne M. Cassidy, Bangor, from Thomas J. IV and Loretta S. Higgins, Hermon, Dec. 10, 1894 Ohio St., $141,000.

To June Nielsen, and Dawn Noyes, Brewer, from Peter Harris, Bangor, Feb. 3, 25 Winter St., $95,000.

To Roberts S. and Tammy Lyn Boulier, Bangor, from Robert S. Boulier, Bangor, Nov. 14, 64 West St., husband adding wife to the title.

To Faouzi B. and Kristin W. Tlili, Salem, Mass., from Jan P. Semba, Bangor, Dec. 10, 78 Leighton St., $191,500.

To Patricia I. Royall, Yarmouth, from Irene Daily, Salt Lake City, Utah, John E. McCarthy, Meredith, N.H., and Julia McCarron, Litchfield, N.H., Dec. 8, portion of 232 Grove St., $60,666.66.