This story was published on May 14, 2004 on Page B2 in edition 1, 2 of the Bangor Daily News

Following are divorces granted recently in 6th District Court in Rockland on grounds of irreconcilable differences:

Anthony Rodgers and Rebecca Rodgers, both of Thomaston, married Feb. 10, 2001, at Thomaston; Rebecca Rodgers to change name to Rebecca Littlehale.

Robert Brown and Clare Brown, both of Rockland, married Nov. 21, 1970, at North Haven.

Jesse McFadden, Rockland, and Kymberly McFadden, St. George, married Feb. 16, 2000, at Rockland.

Lyle Morris and Brandi Morris, both of Tenants Harbor, married Aug. 26, 2000, at Thomaston, shared custody of one child.

Richard Burbank, Belfast, and Annie Burbank, Owls Head, married June 25, 1999, at Thomaston; shared custody of one child.

Jesse Blackwell, Gulfport, Miss., and Mary Blackwell, Rockland, married June 30, 2001, at Tupelo, Miss.; custody of child granted to mother; Mary Blackwell to change name to Mary Hynes.

Robert Edwards and Athena Edwards, both of Rockland, married Aug. 21, 1999, at Rockland; shared custody of one child.

Kirk Wadsworth, Rockport, and Shelby Wadsworth, Rockland, married Sept. 26, 1996, at Rockland; shared custody of one child.

Anthony Dow, Rockland, and Mindy Dow, Cushing, married March 25, 2000, at Rockland; shared custody of one child; Mindy Dow to change name to Mindy Powell.

Jason Cargill, Rockland, and Laura Dunleavey, Appleton, married Sept. 21, 1996; at Northwest Harbor; shared custody of one child.

Joel Parsons and Nicole Parsons, both of Thomaston, married June 2, 2000, town unknown; shared custody of one child.

Andrew Dehlinger and Lisa Dehlinger, both of Rockland, married Aug. 27, 1989, at Rockland; shared custody of three children.

Mehmet Orhon of Durham, N.H., and Karen Orhon of Hope, married Aug. 12, 1990, at Rockport; shared custody of one child.

David French and Sharon French, both of Washington, married July 28, 1984, at Pittston.

Matthew Kinney, Waldoboro, and Jacquelyn Betts, Rockland, married Nov. 7, 2002, at Augusta.

Richard Thompson and Cheryl Dearborn, both of Rockland, married Jan. 1, 2002, at Rockland.

John Sampson, Rockland, and Pamela Sampson, Camden, married Sept. 27, 1998, at Belgrade; shared custody of two children.

Ronald Robbins, Warren, and Stacy Robbins, Rockport, married May 11, 1999, at South Thomaston.

W. Richard Souza, Thomaston, and Marilyn Robb, Portland, married Dec. 28, 1995, at York.

George Pearlman and Erika Manning, both of St. George, married April 19, 1999, at St. George.

Alexander Ribar, Liberty, and Melissa Ribar, Warren, married Oct. 9, 1999, at Union; Melissa Ribar to change name to Melissa Simmons.

Bruce Hilt and Joan Hilt, both of Union, married Feb. 14, 1982, at Bangor.

Christopher Leonard, Augusta, and Clara Leonard, Warren, married Dec. 3, 2002, at Norway; Clara Leonard to change name to Clara Malmstrom.

Jason Gushee, Appleton, and Linda Gushee, Las Vegas, married July 12, 1969, at Rockland.

William Burleson, Lincoln, and Theresa Burleson, Warren, married Aug. 21, 1999, at Bristol.

Loren Herrick, Rockland, and Deidre Herrick, Monroe, married May 19, 2001, at Thomaston.

Michael Sorrentino and Maryann Sorrentino, both of Washington, married April 27, 1984, at Stratford, Conn.; shared custody of three children; Maryann Sorrentino to change name to Maryann Green.

Dale Simmons and Lorie Simmons, both of Thomaston, married Jan. 4, 1997, at Owls Head.

Nathaniel Benner, Spruce Head, and Monica Benner, Thomaston, married Sept. 29, 1999, at Thomaston; shared custody of two children.

Keith Gnosini-Rubenstein, Waldoboro, and Melissa Gnosini-Rubenstein, Cushing, married April 2, 1996, at Warren; shared custody of two children.