Former Bangor man faces Pa., Maine charges

This story was published on Sept. 04, 2002 on Page B4 in all editions of the Bangor Daily News

BANGOR – A former Bangor man charged with murdering his mother in Pennsylvania was indicted Tuesday on a charge of possession of heroin.

On the same day that the Penobscot County grand jury indicted Michael “Gizmo” Melendez, 35, a judge issued an arrest warrant for Melendez on the heroin charge.

When and if Melendez is returned to Maine to face that charge depends on when the legal charges he faces in Pennsylvania are adjudicated.

Melendez is charged there with criminal homicide in the Aug. 28 stabbing death of his mother, Linda Melendez, in West Deer, a township of 11,500 people just north of Pittsburgh. Linda Melendez, 56, was a former Bangor resident.

Maine Assistant Attorney General Matthew Erickson said he couldn’t comment on the open heroin case against Melendez, but said that Maine would be interested in extraditing Melendez after he goes through the judicial process in Pennsylvania.

Melendez, who has a criminal history in Maine, allegedly stabbed his mother and then fled with his two children before dropping the children off at a friend’s home. He then led police on a chase. The chase ended when a tire blew on the truck Melendez was driving. Outside the truck, Melendez held a knife to his own throat and tried to goad police into shooting him. He was subdued with pepper spray.

Also indicted on Tuesday by the grand jury were two men accused of committing separate robberies in Greater Bangor using the same pellet gun, which looked like a real gun.

Joshua Scearbo, also known as Joshua Hanson and his associate, Brandon M. Snyder, both 27 and from Bangor, were charged with robbery. Authorities said the two men lived together as they moved about from residence to residence and were linked to a break-in at a State Street apartment this summer. Scearbo was charged with the July 25 robbery of the Stillwater Convenience Store while Snyder was charged with the July 23 robbery of the Brewer Motor Inn.

Others indicted were:

Mikol J. Allison, 26, Lewiston, robbery, escape, burglary of a motor vehicle, assault, refusing to submit to arrest.

Edward Brazzo Jr., 19, Brewer, burglary of a motor vehicle, theft.

Jeremy R. Broome, 24, unknown, robbery, assault, theft.

Samantha Buck, 21, Bangor, theft, aggravated forgery, failure to give correct name.

Jayson Cameron, 18, Bangor, 14 counts burglary of a motor vehicle, 14 counts theft, burglary.

Scott Clukey, 24, Dexter, aggravated trafficking in cocaine, criminal forfeiture.

Randi Cookson, 25, Dexter, trafficking in cocaine.

Michael Deshane, 19, Bangor, 14 counts burglary of a motor vehicle, 14 counts theft, burglary.

James Donovan, 30, Glenburn, eluding an officer, criminal OUI.

Todd Douglas, 18, Brewer, six counts burglary of a motor vehicle, three counts theft.

Jeremy Dudd, 28, Ellsworth, robbery, assault, theft.

Patrick D. Eaton, 33, Patten, elevated aggravated assault.

David M. Foss, 21, Brewer, operating after revocation, receiving stolen property.

William A. Garvey, 38, Bangor, trafficking in heroin, possession of heroin.

Eric Aubrey Junkins, 26, Veazie, three counts trafficking in cocaine.

Todd Ketchum, 35, Indian Island, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person.

Joseph D. Lappa Jr., 20, Millinocket, possession of firearm by prohibited person.

Sean Ludden, 31, South China, two counts trafficking in cocaine.

Scott Marks, 27, Bangor, aggravated criminal trespass, assault.

Crystal Meadows, 21, Bangor, theft by deception.

Donald Christopher Pierce, 30, Bangor, aggravated trafficking heroin.

Brian K. Richardson, 27, Winterport, operating after revocation.

Raymond W. Sawyer, 19, Bangor, operating after revocation.

Brent Smith, 36, Bangor, operating after revocation, criminal OUI, improper plates.

Mark Sutherland, 18, Winterport, theft, violation of condition of release.

Wanda J. Trafton, 35, Bradford, burglary of motor vehicle, theft.

April Umble, 23, Brewer, two counts aggravated trafficking in oxycodone.

Donald J. Vigue, 28, Dexter, trafficking in cocaine, criminal forfeiture.

Matthew Wiley, 19, Levant, six counts burglary of motor vehicle, three counts theft.

Bertha M. Wood, 39, Bangor, two counts theft, violation of condition of release.