Police probe damage at two logging sites; Plum Creek land target of vandalism acts

This story was published on July 03, 2002 on Page B8 in all editions of the Bangor Daily News

SHAWTOWN TOWNSHIP- Acts of vandalism to two logging operations on Plum Creek land in this remote territory are under investigation.

Police at first were puzzled because the words “get out” had been spray painted on a wood harvester in one of the locations. But because tools were stolen from one operation and a chainsaw and oil were taken from the second location, police believe they were random acts.

Extensive damage was done to logging equipment owned by Steve Mason of Beaver Cove that had been left over the weekend in a remote area behind Third Roach Pond on Plum Creek land, according to Investigator Guy Dow of the Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Department.

The vandals destroyed lights and broke off the doors on one machine and spray-painted the windshield of a harvester with green spray paint that had been stored at the site, according to Dow. The paint is used to mark trees for harvesting.

An ax taken from the logging operation was used to chop a hole in the side and door of an enclosed utility trailer on the site. Tools were stolen from the trailer.

Mason estimated the damage and theft at $25,000, Dow said.

In the same region, contractor Arvo Korsman of Greenville returned to work Monday to his logging operation at the rear of First Roach Pond to find damage to his skidder and the theft of tools. Dow said the vandals had walked into a forested area where Korsman had left the skidder, started the machine and left it running until it ran out of fuel. Emptying the vehicle of fuel resulted in a lot of mechanical work to get the engine restarted.

Dow said the damage and theft at the two logging operations appear to be connected and planned because the roads end at the harvesting operations.

Vandalism also occurred to logging operations in the same region over Memorial Day weekend, according to Mark Doty, northeast unit superintendent at Plum Creek.

Anyone who may have some information about the vandalism and theft are urged to call the sheriff’s department at 564-3304 or 1-800-432-7372.

The management at Plum Creek is assisting the sheriff’s department in the investigation.